Enterprising Women - take your business to the next stage

Enterprising Women is a supportive and inclusive business support programme, fully funded by NatWest, to help women take their business or idea to the next stage.

You'll benefit from our world-class business support and a valuable network to connect with. All costs for the programme are covered, apart from your own expenses.

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What you get

A dedicated business mentor 

Workshops delivered by our Entrepreneurs in Residence 

Expert in Residence clinics with professional services, including lawyers and accountants 

Progress and accountability reviews

Access to our networking events 

PR through SETsquared Bristol, University of Bristol and Engine Shed

Pre-register for Enterprising Women

Enterprising Women is not currently accepting applications, but you can pre-register your interest

Aisha Thomas, Director of Representation Matters

"Enterprising Women provided a form of educational sisterhood that I didn't know I needed. The programme allowed me the opportunity to hold the mirror to myself and grow my business to the next level."

Dr. Katherine Gunderson, Founder and CEO of Grand Bequest

“As a female founder, it is vital to have a good support system around you as you face the challenges of starting a business for the first time. I cannot recommend Enterprising Women enough. It provided me and my team with the perfect balance of support, feedback and momentum.”



Caz Icke, Founder and CEO of SoleSense

"Enterprising Women has provided me with a brilliant network of women doing amazing things, I have learnt and been inspired by them all. The workshops and pitching practice have been invaluable and have helped me grow as an entrepreneur."

Enterprising Women 3.0 cohort:

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