Our success is our companies' success

Our companies are 4 times more likely to succeed than the UK average startup*, benefitting from our individually tailored business support 

Our impact in 2021: 

We supported 80 companies across 24 sectors. 

Investment raised 

Over half our companies raised investment, attracting a combined £98.8 million. 

To date, our companies have raised over £628 million. 

Revenues achieved  

Our companies generated over £29 million in revenues.  

Jobs created 

They also created 250 jobs. 

Founder diversity 

Women made up 45% of our companies' founders/C-Suite members, while people from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background made up 24%.  

These diversity figures are far higher than the UK average for the tech sector and for business as a whole.  

*Gov UK business 3-year survival rate compared to SETsquared Bristol members' 3-year survival rate 

Key impacts - last 3 years: 125 companies supported, £192m total investment raised, £0.6bn investment raised since inception, 75% five year survival rate, £120m combined turnover revenue by companies, 720 jobs created by companies, 8 collaborations/partnerships