Siloton: Photonics technology to prevent sight loss

By SETsquared-Bristol / 6th June 2023

Following our member company Siloton’s £470k raise, which will further fund its diagnostic imaging technology to prevent sight loss, we had a chat with Co-founder and CEO, Alasdair Price, to hear his story… Siloton key facts Start date: 1 April 2020 Market sector: Healthtech Location: Bristol Company growth status: Seed Stage In your own words, what does Siloton do? Siloton…

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Zeke Steer, Founder of Milbotix with Smart Sensor Sock. Photo credit to St Monica Trust

Milbotix: Transforming dementia care with SmartSocks™

By SETsquared-Bristol / 4th May 2023

Following our company Milbotix’s recent investment from Alzheimer’s Society and £1.15m in non-dilutive funding awards, we had a chat with CEO, Dr Zeke Steer, to hear his story… Milbotix key facts Start date: 24 February 2020 Market sector: Healthtech/wearables/IoT Location: Bristol and Oxford Number of employees: 8 Company growth status: Startup Milbotix is partnered with the UK Dementia Research Institute and University…

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Ali Kazmi, Founder of Ethical Equitym, smiling in a suit at Bristol's harbour

Ethical Equity: A funding revolution for fair access to capital

By SETsquared-Bristol / 27th March 2023

We had a chat with Ethical Equity and AI Simulator Founder, Ali Kazmi, to hear his story… Ethical Equity key facts Start date: 13 Aug 2019 Market sector: Fintech Location: Bristol Number of employees:  5 core members Company growth status: Growth In your own words what does Ethical Equity do? Ethical Equity’s raison d’être is to improve…

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Person holding phone with getUBetter logo and Recover, Prevention and Support on the screen

getUBetter: Digital self-management for musculoskeletal conditions

By SETsquared-Bristol / 3rd March 2023

Following our member getUBetter’s partnership with numerous NHS trusts and invitation to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator, we had a chat with Founder and CEO, Dr Carey McClellan, to hear his story… getUBetter key facts Start date: 2013 Market sector: Healthtech Location: Bristol Number of employees: 30 Company growth status: Scaleup In your own words what does getUBetter do? We provide…

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Julian Mensah, Founder of Voltric

Voltric: Tech-enabled solutions for electric vehicle driving

By SETsquared-Bristol / 31st January 2023

Following our member Voltric’s recent seed fundraiser launch and significant pre-seed investment round, we had a chat with Chief Executive, Julian Mensah, to hear his story… Voltric key facts Start date: January 2020 Market sector: Mobility Location: Newport Number of employees: 5 Company growth status: Seed stage In your own words tell us what Voltric does? Voltric provides electric vehicles…

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Ferryx - Ferrocalm package design, hand holding package with turquoise background

Ferryx: Innovative biotech solutions to common gut problems

By SETsquared-Bristol / 2nd November 2022

We had a chat with Dr Jenny Bailey, Co-founder and CEO of Ferryx, to hear her story. The University of Bristol spin-out has recently raised £300k seed capital and been awarded an Innovate Fast Start grant for further development of its innovative solution to common gut problems. Ferryx key facts: Start date:  September 2019 Market sector: Healthtech…

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Gritty Talent: Connecting underrepresented talent with the TV industry

By SETsquared-Bristol / 27th September 2022

Following our member Gritty Talent’s recent pre-seed funding success with Innovate UK and partnership with Channel 4, we had a chat with Founder and CEO, Mel Rodrigues, to hear her story… Gritty Talent key facts Start date: 2019 Market sector: TV and Film (Createch) Location: Bristol Number of employees: 11 Company growth status: High growth startup In your own words…

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Condense raise $4.5M and open world’s first studio for streaming live events into the metaverse

By SETsquared-Bristol / 3rd August 2022

Condense – the world’s first company to deliver the power, connection and immersiveness of live, real-world events into the metaverse – has raised a $4.5 million round led by LocalGlobe, 7percent Ventures and Deeptech Labs alongside angel investors. Condense was founded in 2019 and joined SETsquared Bristol in March 2021. It is the only company in…

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Gritty Talent partners with Channel 4 to increase talent from under-represented groups

By SETsquared-Bristol / 21st July 2022

Channel 4 is partnering with our member Gritty Talent to help independent production companies build more diverse senior teams. Gritty Talent, who won our 2022 Breakthrough Bursary, is a trailblazing company bridging TV, talent and technology, who discover, nurture and connect talented people from under-represented groups into the media industry. In 2021 the startup, founded…

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