Enterprising Women - Take your business to the next stage

Enterprising Women 2.0 is a high-impact, low engagement pre-incubation programme, fully funded by NatWest, to help early-stage women-led businesses get to the next stage.

You'll benefit from our world-class business support and a valuable network to connect with.  All costs for the programme are covered, apart from your own expenses.

Applications for Enterprising Women 2.0 have now closed. Please check this page for future opportunities or subscribe to our newsletter.

What you get:

A dedicated business mentor 

Workshops delivered by our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence 

Expert-in-Residence clinics with professional services, including lawyers and accountants 

Progress and accountability reviews with our Community Manager

Access to our networking events 

PR through NatWest and SETsquared Bristol

Enterprising Women 2.0 cohort:

For information on Enterprising Women Cohort 2.0 businesses, watch the recording of the showcase and pitching event.

Anxiety Friendly Dentist

Anxiety Friendly Dentist is developing a VR headset featuring relaxation scenarios, bespoke for dental use, plus a platform and accreditation scheme for support and treatment of dental phobia.


Better Together logo

Better Together delivers workshops which encourage parents and carers to choose the online safety tools and techniques that align with their parenting style and personality and the child(ren) they are supporting.


Creative Tuition College logo

Creative Tuition Collective is an educational organisation providing tuition, mental health support, mentorship and extracurricular workshops to marginalised communities in Bristol.


Global Goals Centre logo

Global Goals Centre is an education charity creating exciting engaging experiences that inspire learning and action on climate and equality in our everyday lives.


Grand Bequest Logo - 2020

Grand Bequest is the world’s first AI-driven platform for vacant buildings to be redeveloped and put back into use.



KnoWaste is a SaaS based pre-order system and educational platform that enhances the diner experience and reduces food waste in the catering sector.


MeiXter logo

MeiXter is a peer-to-peer live tutoring app and web platform for all types of skills at all levels.


Microfibre Consortium

The Microfibre Consortium are leading the textile industry in reducing microfibre release to protect our environment.


Nommm logo screenshot

Nommm streamlines the entire sustainable eating process - taking the user from recipe search to acquiring localised food with recipes that focus on nutritional value and climate impact.


Pretty Digital logo

Pretty Digital is developing an online space for families to have fun together, with games, animations, books and toys based on engaging characters.


Representation Matters logo

Representation Matters supports leadership teams and organisations to create an inclusive culture. “Until society recognises everyone, the question will always be, do I belong”.


Share Bristol

Share Bristol is a library of things to make it easier for all in Bristol to borrow or repair things they need to live their lives, to better our homes, our wallets and our planet.


SoleSense logo

SoleSense offers the first truly customisable rehabilitation solution using audiovisual biofeedback technology that brings self-management to the fore.


Unbaggaged logo

Unbaggaged is a traveltech company that connects travellers who want to be free of their bags with businesses who can store them and drivers who can provide transportation.



Unisalad is a student-to-student community app to connect, buy, sell, find and share with others from your university.



UpStitch is an online platform connecting sustainably-minded customers with local tailors and seamstresses to repair and upcycle clothing.


Zebera logo

Zebera inspires young people to become the innovators and inventors of the future.


Dr. Chen Mao Davies, Founder & CEO of LatchAid

"The Enterprising Women programme helped me to connect with inspiring female entrepreneurs, learn from well-designed training programmes, and benefit from invaluable mentorship. I would wholeheartedly recommend all female entrepreneurs to join this amazing programme and community!"



Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi, Founder of BCohco

"The Enterprising Women Programme kept me plugged in at a very uncertain time. I am still reaping the benefits of the networking opportunities that were provided. Our purpose driven business continues to grow from strength to strength."