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SETsquared Bristol’s success is defined by our ventures achieving their full potential.

For each company growth means something different: investment raised; new jobs created; products launched or customers gained.

At SETsquared we capture this by measuring “Indicators of Success”:

(Data updated 18/01/2019)

  • Over 80 active members
  • SETsquared Bristol members collectively raised over £82 million in 2018
  • Our members' companies achieved turnover revenues of over £43.5 million in 2018
  • Put together our member companies currently employ over 1,100 people
  • The percentage of female Founders/CEOs has risen to 23%, compared to 15% the year before. Currently 14% of Founders/CEOs are BAME. SETsquared is striving to improve its member's representation and access to business support.
  • Sector diversity is another strong point for the incubator, with members spanning 23 industry types, from aerospace to agriculture.
  • Total companies applied: 475
  • Total companies supported: 200+

As part of the wider SETsquared partnership we also contribute to some amazing success indicators:

SETsquared Performance Infographic


“The SETsquared community and the wider Bristol start-up ecosystem is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for us, and the Tech-Xpo event is a great demonstration of the thriving and supportive scene we've got here in Bristol. We're excited for Our Canary's future as part of it.”

Lisa Matthews, HellyHolly and Our Canary CEO

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