Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director: SETsquared myth busting

By SETsquared-Bristol / 29th January 2019

Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director of SETsquared Bristol, expels some common misunderstandings about who can join the business support programme. The incubator doesn’t have space for startups – MYTH Business support is delivered through our bespoke acceleration programme, and the majority of our members join us on a virtual basis. However, we do have the whole…

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Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence: It’s not the answers that let us down…

By SETsquared-Bristol / 12th December 2018

No entrepreneur or business coach will ever tell you not to listen to your customers – they are the lifeblood of your business after all. However, there’s also a danger – the quality of response you get will be critically linked to the quality of the questions you ask.   A few months ago in…

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Rhian Jarman, Senior Administration Assistant

Rhian Jarman, Marketing and Events Coordinator: Focus or hocus pocus

By SETsquared-Bristol / 13th November 2018

At SETsquared Bristol, we often hear that one of the most valuable parts of our business support programme are Business Review Panels (BRPs). Their purpose is to act as a sounding board for the venture, to keep the business on track, and to help facilitate rapid growth.   During these sessions, our venture members present their…

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Greville Commins, Entrepreneur-in-Residence: How to deliver the ultimate elevator pitch

By SETsquared-Bristol / 25th October 2018

Elevator pitches are a key part of business, both for raising investment and winning customer approvals, that 90 second explanation of your proposition can make a huge difference.   The elevator pitch was coined, originally, in the USA to describe the opportunity arising from the chance encounter in an elevator/lift with a senior member of…

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Pete Keevil, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Pete Keevill, Entrepreneur In Residence: So how BIG is your idea?

By SETsquared-Bristol / 12th September 2018

The classic SETsquared member company is a small technical team with some promising technology that needs help in developing a business strategy – customer proposition, sales channels, pricing strategy etc. Once the strategy is in place, we can help companies develop their “pitch deck,” that communicates that strategy to potential investors with all the necessary…

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The value of co-location

By SETsquared-Bristol / 16th August 2018

The tech startup scene is changing quickly. Coming back to Bristol after eight months on maternity leave was quite an eye opener for me. Before I left in October 2017, pretty much every week I had a conversation with someone about the problem of lack of available office space. The most painful one was a…

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Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

It’s all about the people…

By SETsquared-Bristol / 25th June 2018

I am often asked what is the secret sauce at SETsquared – what is it we do that wins us the awards and gives our companies the best springboard for success? I think it’s essentially very simple – it’s the people involved and the people-centric approach. Being an entrepreneur is tough. There’s a lot to…

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Is your tech business ready for an incubator?

By SETsquared-Bristol / 22nd June 2018

Emma Thorn, Centre Director of SETsquared Bristol, reflects on what the tech business incubator looks for when selecting new members and the questions to ask yourself before you apply. We’re experiencing exciting times at SETsquared Bristol. We currently have 85 high tech, high growth members that we are working with and membership applications are growing.…

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Leadership: which hat to wear today?

By SETsquared-Bristol / 21st June 2018

Each month, we publish a SETsquared Bristol blog written by the Centre Director and members of her team. This month Centre Director, Emma Thorn, explores the topic of leadership, and the many guises it can take for business founders and CEOs. One of the themes that frequently comes up as an area our members would…

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Paul Forster, Community Manager

Don’t believe the hype – tech sector diversity isn’t a trend, it’s embedded

By SETsquared-Bristol / 20th June 2018

As much as any other industry the tech industry is obsessed with trends. Figuring out what verticals or emerging tech is at the start of their hype cycle is investor pixie dust and predicting what will be ‘the next big thing’ means it is wise to keep your eyes trained to incubators and accelerators –…

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