Steve Edwards, Centre Director: Opportunity in the time of COVID-19

By SETsquared-Bristol / 27th March 2020

Among all the dark clouds, there are a few bright sides to the current COVID-19 crisis. One of the biggest is seeing how people across the country and the world are seeing opportunities to respond to the many and varied issues and finding hope in the horror. For SETsquared Bristol this feels fortunately familiar as…

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Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Surviving COVID-19 – some practical advice for startups

By SETsquared-Bristol / 26th March 2020

Many businesses are facing severe challenges in the current crisis. Although not a definitive list, hopefully the following thoughts will give a framework for founders to consider, especially in smaller businesses. This is my personal response – I hope you find it helpful when considering your own challenges – Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, SETsquared Bristol. Business…

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How to look at your company like an investor

By SETsquared-Bristol / 27th February 2020

Not all investors are equal. They each have different expectations and require subtly different information to be able to make a decision. So how do you know what kind of investor is best for your company? Stephen Bennington, Founder and Director of Krino Partners, runs workshops for SETsquared Bristol to help you to think like an…

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Steve Edwards, Interim Centre Director: Big success is all about every small decision

By SETsquared-Bristol / 31st January 2020

It appears Aristotle got in first with the quote “the sum is greater than its parts”, which shows that his truism has stood the test of time and also highlights the first mover advantage when bagging the best quotes. SETsquared Bristol have recently released performance results from 2019. The numbers tell an incredible story of…

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A note from Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director: wishing you many successes for 2020, see you in 2021!

By SETsquared-Bristol / 12th December 2019

There is something special about the lead up to Christmas when we start thinking about having a break over the festive season to spend with our family and friends and slowly winding down with work. It’s also that time when an increasing number of people start deferring meetings to January giving us a little breathing…

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Building awesome investor decks – a game of greed and fear

By SETsquared-Bristol / 28th November 2019

On 21st November 2019, SETsquared Bristol ran a workshop on how to build a winning investor deck and tell a compelling story. The session was led by David Fogel, Co-founder and Investment Lead at ADV, whose focus is on finding the most ambitious founders in the UK and helping them grow using ADV’s capital and…

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Greville Commins, Entrepreneur in Residence: Seven key questions – to make an impact in business

By SETsquared-Bristol / 21st October 2019

Whenever you want to communicate to someone, in business, time is short because in modern life most people’s attention spans are short. We have a story to tell, to succeed we need to gain their interest as soon as possible in our story flow. It helps to have a “Wow” factor. This is something that…

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Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Rick Chapman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence: Am I ready for investment? Well that depends…

By SETsquared-Bristol / 17th September 2019

New companies often ask me if they are ‘investment ready’. The answer invariably is ‘that depends’. I break down investor readiness into three distinct tiers. By guiding companies through each one, they can prepare and develop a much stronger investment strategy and gain confidence in their pitch. Let’s dive into your pitch deck, how it…

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Six reasons to grow your business at SETsquared

By SETsquared-Bristol / 22nd August 2019

Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director of SETsquared Bristol, reflects on why technology startups and scaleups should invest in business acceleration support, and the benefits of growing a business through the SETsquared Bristol incubator. 1. To keep learning – you don’t know what you don’t know! As a new business founder, you’ll be working on all aspects of…

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Mogul Magazine Digital Business Surgery: customer messaging

By SETsquared-Bristol / 2nd August 2019

SETsquared Bristol is proud to partner with Mogul Magazine, Bristol’s first Black led digital magazine. Members of our team share monthly business advice and digital business surgeries for Mogul’s readers in each publication. Submit your business question to, where it could be published and answered by one of our business experts. Together we’ll ensure that…

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