Four key reasons to grow your business at SETsquared Bristol 

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SETsquared Bristol

Jack Jordan-Connelly, Business Incubation Manager for SETsquared Bristol, reflects on why technology startups and scaleups should invest in business incubation support, and the benefits of growing a business at SETsquared Bristol. 

  1. To keep learning – you don’t know what you don’t know! 

Within the SETsquared Bristol cohort, we have a broad mix of experience across our founders and executive teams. What unites them all, from first time founder to repeat entrepreneur, is that everyone always has more to learn. A new business founder may find themselves having to understand many new areas quickly, now responsible for all aspects of their business. An experienced founder may have the basics well covered but find themselves operating in a new sector or looking to grow their business using methods they haven’t used before. SETsquared Bristol is designed to be adaptable to your individual requirements, with multiple routes for assistance with any challenge, whether that’s working with our Entrepreneurs in Residence, access to our Advisers in Residence or taking advantage of our mentor programme. From the day you join us, we’ll help you highlight your strengths and identify your areas for development, so you never feel lost on your journey.  

  1. Building connections – you are not alone 

One of the most common challenges for entrepreneurs, particularly solo founders, in their first years of business is loneliness. This has been exacerbated over the past few years and the increase in hybrid and remote working means many of us find fewer opportunities to connect. Our companies have access to Engine Shed’s Members’ Lounge as part of their membership, as well as the SETsquared meeting rooms, and we encourage our companies to spend time here to provide opportunities for them to grow their network organically. We also run a wide range of events with a focus on networking and socialising, from member-only coffee mornings to larger Connect events that include our wider network. Our companies often say that building connections with other tech entrepreneurs struggling with similar challenges is one of the benefits that they value most.  

  1. Flexible and affordable office space 

Engine Shed can cater for any sized early-stage SETsquared company. Our SETshared office space allows solo founders and small teams to work in a social environment and connect with other businesses, whilst keeping costs low, and companies that are scaling can choose private offices from 4 to 30 plus desks. Our rates are highly competitive, and our location right outside Temple Meads station is super convenient for travel and for teams located in different regions that need a hub to connect in person.  

  1. We grow with you! 

Both as a team and as an incubator, we are always looking for ways we can improve and grow our services. We make sure that our workshops, training, events and advisory network are constantly reviewed and updated to guarantee you have access to the most up to date information and support. We also run regular feedback sessions, both with individual founders and our larger group focused forum events, where we look to understand what each member needs from us as our cohort evolves. 

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